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Technological progress outperforms institutional and political capabilities. The technological and digital divide becomes a growing concern for the future social and global stability. There are political entrepreneurs that do not shy away from abusing the socio-political tensions in order to gain political capital. Others still, impede the global technological and social development, attempting to turn back the clock. Yet, there is an enormous positive charge in the fields related to innovations and technology.


It is the mission of the launching meeting of the Next 100 Symposium initiative to bring together progressive and influential international political figures and international organizations’ representatives with the most advanced innovators in the technological and computing fields, as well as impactful social scientists, thinkers, economists and natural scientists. Our joint task will be to pave the way for a working dialogue about how to transform the crisis-driven language into future-oriented ideas on a global scale.

I&T - Plenary


N100 Economy

N100 Economy

Global Economic Governance in a Tech-Driven Future

Opening Statement: Jeffrey Franks, Director, International Monetary Fund, Europe


  • How can the global economic governance architecture evolve so that it reflects the structural social, economic and digital transformation that has taken place in...


N100 Tech

N100 Technology - Charting the Future

What are the areas where we should envisage the most progressive pace of tech-innovations? Where should we prioritise our resources? What are the resources and who will be the biggest stakeholders? Is it possible/desirable to see the future of...

N100 Politics


Technological progress outperforms institutional and political capabilities. The technological and digital divide becomes a growing concern for the future social and global stability. There are political entrepreneurs that do not shy away from...

N100 Society


Rapidly developing processes and structural changes on the global scale contribute to an increasing vulnerability, especially on the part of democratic, open, and market-oriented states. Societies are becoming increasingly afraid of...

N100 Global

N100 Global

It all comes down to the fact that innovations, technologies and science are increasingly borderless yet their impact is always felt locally. People do not enjoy the same access to technologies and more often than not people cannot always choose if...

N100 Security & Defence

N100 Security & Defence

Security and Defence are no different from other fields of human activities in that they are susceptible to the same trends: accelerating pace of innovation, rapid growth in data, technological convergence, and the automation of processes and roles by AI technologies. With the advent of...

A&I - Keynotes


Gabriel Eichler

Gabriel Eichler

Gabriel Eichler serves as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board at MONETA Money Bank, a.s. since August 2, 2018, and serves as a Member of Supervisory board since October 26, 2017. He serves as Member of Advisory Board at Benson Oak Capital...

Frédérick Bordry

Frédérick Bordry

Director for Accelerators and Technology, CERN

Since 2014 Mr Bordry acts as the Director for Accelerators and Technology, where he is responsible for the operation and exploitation of the whole CERN accelerator complex, with particular emphasis on the LHC and for the development of...

A&T - Panels


Artificial Intelligence: The Way We Might Live, Work & Prosper

powered by Microsoft

Opening Statement: Thomas Roca (Data Strategist and Economist Microsoft & LinkedIn)

AI: the way we live...

It has been long since the AI crossed the walls of laboratories or sci-fi novels. Since then, AI proved itself hugely economically profitable, prompting companies and governments invest increasing sums of money into the field, thus accelerating the pace of...

AI for Good

Artificial Intelligence for Good

powered by Balsillie School of international affairs

Many commentators focus on the potential economic disruption of Artificial Intelligence, and rightly so. Indeed, one of the items on the agenda of this year’s G7 meeting is “the future of work.” Governments fear that AI will...

A&T - Breakout Sessions


Education & closing the digital divide - how to do it

powered by Czechitas

Education & Closing the digital...

The digital knowledge divide is these days splitting the society, not only creating conditions for disinformation and manipulation, but also causing inequality in job opportunities, access to public services, and spreading...

Critical AI Infrastructures

Critical IT infrastructures & their future

Information technology is in most industries becoming the synonym for innovation, with numerous critical processes being automated and taken out of human hands. Digitalization is transforming the way we manage critical infrastructures, leading us to intelligent traffic control, smart energy grids, smart buildings, to name a few, and introducing many challenges for reliability, security and safety of such systems. What are the state of the art techniques to design critical infrastructures? How can we simulate them before deploying them? Let's discuss these topics in the block.

Data Scienc & Big Data

Data Science and “Big-Data” for Business, Politics, Policies and Security

Is Big Data just a Big Empty Word? Is all big data in politics equivalent to the deplorable misuse of Cambridge Analytica and the likes? It depends. In this breakout session, we will talk about how to turn the overused term into...

Securing Europe in the times of Hybrid Conflicts

(Powered by Fridrich Neumann Stiftung)

The methods of warfare have been changing and interfering in virtual space as a new battlefield. This

new form of warfare is no longer only about lands and buildings but also about the minds and values

of the people. This panel focuses on following topics: What are the most feasible scenarios of the future development of hybrid warfare? What are the resilience capacities of Europe? How to reach them within a reasonable time framework? What is the estimation of current readiness for Hybrid Conflicts in Europe ?

Meet the ReDefiners

Meet the Future Meet the ReDefiners

Through our ReDefine Next 100 global youth program, 16 inspiring and brilliant young leaders from various corners of the world will pitch their projects which tackle the paramount challenge of their future with innovation and a truly interdisciplinary approach. The N100 ReDefiners will demonstrate their unique solutions to the N100’s international audience. Topics ranging from poverty & agriculture, rising global technological inequalities to Sustainable Development Goal implementation & digital governance, with solutions using innovation, Artificial Intelligence, cross-generational cooperation, entrepreneurial endeavours & more. The profiles of the ReDefiners are extraordinary and you’ll be meeting, not only the future but very much the present.

A&I - Executive Session


AI2020 - The Global State of Intelligent Enterprise


What does the intelligent enterprise of the future look like and which sectors are set to benefit most from artificial intelligence concepts such as intelligent automation, machine learning, and predictive analytics? Seth Adler from AIIA will present...

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