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From over 600 applications from over 50 countries GARI selected 13 ReDefiners who created innovative projects in Prague that tackle a paramount global challenge.




Opportunities to ReDefine

the next 100 years




Between May & July 2018 we received over 600 applications from over 50 countries, each a young leader with innovative and interdisciplinary ideas. Our call was shared by UNESCO, United Nations Network of Young Peacebuilders, World Wide Web Foundation, Harvard University and many others. 13 delegates were chosen and put into international teams, tasked with identifying the issue they perceive to be the paramount global challenge of the future.


Each team combines member’s unique ideas across multiple fields in an effort to create an innovative proposal meant to address their selected challenge.


Finalists came to Prague for a five-day-long workshop, where they refined their proposals with the guidance of high-level mentors, culminating in their attendance at the Next 100 Symposium where they resented their final project.

Two teams are currently pursuing their ReDefining project in the N100 Alumni framework.

ReDefine Next 100 challenges young leaders to think outside the box , and look at the world through the lens of opportunity, promoting the use of technology and innovation to address global challenges.

In 2018, from over 600 applications and more than 50 countries, GARI invited 13 ReDefiners to Prague to create innovative and unique proposals.

N100 hosted ReDefiners from El Salvador, Germany, Iran, Mexico,Puerto Rico, Russia, Uganda, and the USA.

This is an unparalleled opportunity for young leaders committed to making a real impact on society through technology and innovation.



1 Innovating the International Remittance System.

2 GridHub: Managing energy flows of producers and users.

3 ReDefarm: Revamping the agriculture industry using a big data approach.

The ReDefine Next 100 Global Youth Program challenges youth leaders to think outside the box, and look at our world through the lens of opportunity. One of the only programs of its kind, ReDefine promotes the use of technology and innovation to address global challenges in the developing world. Our flagship program this past year was a huge success. We had over 600 applications from more than 50 countries. In the end, we invited 13 ReDefiners in three international teams to Prague this past November to create innovative and unique proposals across wildly different domains. One team proposed a way to change the International Remittance System, another team provided a new way to manage energy flows, while the third proposed the creation of a database to help revamp the agriculture industry. Read more about each teams proposal here and see how you can get involved. Our ReDefiners were each unique, special candidates that stood out from the rest because of their out of the box thinking, intelligence, and accolades. We had delegates from the US, Uganda, Iran, El Salvador and Mexico as well as Russia and Germany. Read more about our delegates and their accomplishments here.

Partners FROM 2018

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Countries representated at 2018'S redefine n100

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