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global arena research institute

We live in a time of unparalleled transformation

On a global scale, immense structural changes are taking place, creating an unfamiliar, uncertain framework for international actors – whether they are businesses, individuals or states. Technological and social dynamics are moving and evolving too fast for traditional forms of political, research and business conduct to keep up. It is no surprise that fragility, unpredictability and instability are serious factors in our world today. Through GARI’s Research Centre, we offer the ability to access the very DNA of global affairs. We create tools to enhance understanding of the way the world works – and how to predict what’s going to happen next.

The Global Arena Research Institute offers a way forward

An independent, non-partisan research organisation that combines the most advanced methods of AI-driven data, scientific and other artificial reasoning capabilities, elevating data science into completely new levels of opportunity. Our goal is to provide unprecedented insights into the nature, impact, and management of globalization in order to improve institutional and governmental as well as business, energy and other sectors’ decision making. Our mission is to make the most of organically connecting AI-level reasoning capacities with human-level critical reasoning capacities for the sake of a better future.

Dynamic projection and analytical services

GARI's DPAS refers to a unique combination of “high-frequency” and/or “real-time” analytics and projections together with GARI’s complex 3D concept of the globalized world (see below).

The DPAS offers extremely complex, in-depth, fast, and flexible impact analytics, projections, risk and opportunity scanning, data-assisted scenario making and/or trend analysis, including sub-surface/hidden trends’ detection.

DPAS is based on GARI’s constantly updated global digital data environment (Digital Twin of the Globalized World) with over 600 billion data entries covering all countries in the world and the period of the last 15 - 45 years. The data covers between 8,000 – 20,000 variables and indicators (both numbers, data entries and variables are constantly growing). Such a wealth of data enables highly sophisticated machine-learning and other AI-related data-based analytics and training. 

Since mid-2021, when the DPAS first became operational, it has been utilized, among others, for analytics requested by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade and several Europe-based commercial corporations and businesses.

Given the immensely interconnected and complex nature of the security and geopolitical environment, GARI, the aforementioned technology can be highly suitable to be utilized for security and defence-related analytics. 



  2. PROJECTIONS – our projections can be short to mid-term, exclusively based on data, with the highest accuracy rate between 1 – 6 months, high accuracy rate between 6 – 12 months and high trend-accuracy rate between 12 – 24 months. 

  3. HIGH-FREQUENCY, REAL-TIME projecting services: once the models have been tested and operationalized, we offer updates of our projections of all requested analyses. Thus, all projections are always up to date and trimmed based on the inflow of new data. 

  4. DATA-ASSISTED SCENARIO AND TREND ANALYSIS - linking our data-based projection with long term trend-scenario-making








Hans Pung.jpg

hans pung

rand europe


frederick bordry.jpg

frederick bordry


director of technology & acceleration

anna kuchenbecker

Former Deputy Director Aspen Berlin, Director of partnerships at ECFR, Germany

Robert Jan Smits.jpg

robert-jan smits

President, Eindhoven University, Principle architect Horizon 2020 & ERC, Frm DG of Research & Innovation, EU


jiri sedivy

Director, European Defense Agency, frm. Czech Ambassador to NATO, frm. Assistant Sec-Gen of NATO, frm. Minister of Defence, CZ

Tony Curzon Price.jpg

tony curzon price, UK

vladimir marik.jpeg

vladimir marik

Director, Research, Czech institute of cybernetics, informatics & robotics (CIIRC)


jana kovacovska

Blesk Ventures, London, Consultant

shmuel ba.jpg

shmuel bar

CEO & Founder, IntuView, Israel

petr kolar.jpeg

petr kolar

Senior Advisor, Squire Patton Boggs, Former Czech Ambassador to USA & Russia

Job Henning head shot.jpg

job henning

Managing Director, Auxano Strategies

josef urban

Principle Researcher, Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC)

rasto kacer.jpeg

ratislav kacer

President of GLOBSEC Board, Slovakia


jan havranek

Private Office of the NATO Secretary-General

Barbora Buhnova.png

bara buhnova

Associate Professor, Masaryk University, Co-founder, Czechitas

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