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  • Globalizing World and Political Backlash: Overcoming Anxieties, Securing Identities, Innovating Polities Around Global Challenges Tomáš Petříček, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Czech Republic, Tony Curzon Price

  • Impact of Data Mining on Politics (Users vs Uses): Tony Curzon Price

  • Foreign Influence in the Balkans, Teresa Reiter, Filip Šebok, Tomáš Strážay

  • Will China Rise? Why we worry about the wrong 'Thucydides Trap’, David Welch, University of Waterloo

  • BREXIT AT TIFFANY'S (Brexit Breakfast Briefing) Monika Brusenbauch Meislová (Masarykova Univerzita, Tony Curzon Price

  • Africa and Europe: Language of opportunities instead of Crisis, Henni Brandstötter (Austrian Parliament)


  • Innovation for social good, Jan Bizik, Vodafone

  • Making robots usable in everyday life, Patrizio Pelliccione

  • Education for the digital 21st century - the story of Czechitas, Barbora Buhnova (Czechitas, Masaryk University)

  • The Harmonious Relationship between People & Tech, Mathew Oh, Forefront Charity

  • Automation and Society: Between politics, business and technology, Martina Dlabajova (MEP), Thomas Roca (Microsoft)

  • Knowledge Triangle in the 21st Century, Jiri Drahos (Czech Senate), Barbora Buhnova (Czechitas, Masaryk University)

  • No Future (book presentation) Bob Kartous (EDUIn)

  • Personal Freedom and Technology, Shmuel Bar, Jan Lipavský

  • Integrating Segmentation through People, Mathew Oh (Forefront Charity)


  • Key Note on Global Sustainability: Jeffrey Sachs (online)

  • American First’ and the problem with the battle against corporate tax abuse, Ronen Palan, City University, London

  • Why does Europe "punch beneath its weight? Iain Begg, London School of Economics

  • Analysing the data-flow of stories, Tony Curzon Price


  • Climate Change: Is the Science Done and Dusted? Tim Palmer, Oxford University

  • AI and Climate Change, Ludovic Sinet, Good Tech Lab

  • Renewable Energy in the Visegrad Countries: Policy Discussion, Adéla Denková (Evropa v Datech)

  • Beyond energy efficiency and its role in the future energy system, Ondřej Šrámek Tomasz Waszkiewicz (EU-ESA)

  • Electricity as the cryptocurrency of the future, Petr Rokusek (NANOEnergy)


  • AI applications are not even nearly intelligent—we can solve this, Patrick Van Der Smagt, Volkswagen Group

  • Spotlight: Jim Balsillie on Innovations

  • Global challenges to automation, Sarah Trippl (NEOS), Jan Svejnar (Columbia University), Slavoj Musilek (Universal Robots), Barbora Buhnova (Masaryk University)

  • RICAIP: An Ecosystem for Future AI, Vladimir Marik (CIIRC, CUT)

  • The state of AI across Europe: analysis, Thomas Roca (Microsoft)

  • International Visegrad Fund and Recharging Central Europe: IVF and Innovations, Andor David, Director of the International Visegrad Fund


  • Counter-Terrorism - How Mass Data Collection Technology and Good Old HUMINT Complement, Shmuel Bar (Intuview), Yan St. Pierre

  • From Kinetic to Virtual and Back Again: The Evolution of Conflict in the Wider Middle East Mitchell Belfer, Arthur de Liedekerke

  • What future for Technology in War and Conflict? Shmuel Bar, Jiří Šedivý, David Welch

  • The future of Central and Eastern European defence industries, Martin Chovančík


  • Open Science: are we walking the walk, Robert-Jan Smits, President, Eindhoven University

  • Beyond the Horizon: what future for EU research funding beyond 2020? Daniel Spichtinger

  • Jan Lukačevič on Space and Science

  • Key Note: Frederick Bordry on the Fundamental Science of Physics and its Impact on the Future of Humanity

  • Dialogue between Climate and Physics: Overcoming boundaries searching for the impossible: Frederick Bordry (CERN), Tim Palmer (Oxford University)

  • European AI: Global Contender? Holger Hoos

  • The State of Art of Alzheimer Research, Martin Tolar (Alzheon)

  • AI & Reasoning: A View From the Trenches, Josef Urban (CIIRC)

  • Will the future of research be open? Daniel Spichtinger


  • The Unbelievable Truth: Panel Show Game JP Kloppers, Bill Shipsey, Tony Curzon Price, Michal Koran, Odessa Primus

  • Art and Artists and the Fluidity of Our Times, Bill Shipsey, Art for Amnesty

  • BrainArt, Alberto Levy

  • Conference Cliché Pop Roulette – Next100 Band Improv Show

  • Arts, Technology, and Ethical AI. Exploring the Unthinkable with the Republic of Užupis. Max Haarich

  • OXFORD-STYLE DEBATE: The voice of the audience

2019 speakers

Martina Dlabajová

Member of the European Parliament

Jeffrey Sachs

Economist, Columbia

Earth Institute

Jim Balsillie

Founder & Chair, Centre for International Governance Innovation


Tomáš Petříček

Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs

Frederick Bordry

Director of Acceleration & Technology, CERN

Tim Palmer

Research Professor, The Royal Society

Oxford University

Holger Hoos

Initiator, CLAIRE

Barbora Buhnova

Associate Professor, Masaryk University

Co-Founder of Czechitas

Patrick Van der Smagt

Director of Fundamental AI Research, Volkswagen Group

Filip Šebok

Project Manager / Research Fellow, Association for International Affairs

Anna shavit

Assistant Professor at Charles University in Prague, Department of Marketing Communication and PR

martin tolar

Founder, President & CEO, Alzheon

Josef Urban

Principal Researcher, CIIRC

Tomasz Waszkiewicz

Regional Market Leader, Signify

odessa primus

Executive Director, GARI

martin Chovančík

Assistant professor at the Department of International Relations and European Studies, Masaryk University

JP Kloppers

CEO, BrandsEye

Tony Curzon Price

Associate Editor, openDemocracy

Teresa reiter

Policy Advisor for Foreign Policy, European Affairs, Defense and Development Cooperation

Monika Brusenbauch Meislová

Assistant professor at the Department of International Relations and European Studies, Masaryk University

Robert-Jan Smits

President, Eindhoven University, Former Director-General of Research & Innovation, European Commission

Jan Lukacevic

Research Assistant at the Department of Space Physics, New Europe 100 Challenger​

Ronen palan

Professor of International Political Economy, City University of London

Michal Kořan

President of the Board, GARI

henrike brandstötter

Member of the Austrian Parliament

Jan Lipavský

Member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

Jiří Drahoš

Senator, former Presidential forerunner 

Shmuel Bar​

Founder and Director, IntuView

Vladimir Mařík

Scientific Director, CIIRC

Ludovic Sinet

Researcher, Good Tech Lab

David Welch

Professor of Political Science, Chair of Global Security, Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA)

Tomáš Strazay

Director, SFPA, Slovak Foreign Policy Association

petra Moravcova

Interaction designer, Avast Software in Product Discovery Team

Sarah trippl


Iain begg

Professor, London School of Economics (LSE)

Matthew Oh

Chair of the Board, CEO & Founder, Forefront Charity

Adéla Denková

Research Fellow, AMO Research Center

Ondřej Šrámek

Public Affairs Director Eastern Europe, Knauf Insulation

Somi Arian

Founder, Smart Cookie Media

Mitchell belfer

President of the Euro-Gulf Information Centre

Petr Rokůsek

Founder & Scriptwriter of sustainable businesses

Susanne Schröder

Founder, CFO and Head of communication, MOSECON


 Former Assistant Secretary-General, NATO

bill shipsey

Founder, Art for Amnesty, Amnesty International

yan st-pierre

CEO and Counter-Terrorism Advisor, MOSECON

Max haarich


Embassy of the Republic of Užupis

Jan Švejnar

Director, Center on Global Economic Governance, Columbia University, USA | Director, Institute for Democracy & Economic Analysis (IDEA), CERGE-EI 

karel Řiha

Deputy Director, CEITEC

Slavoj musilek

Universal Robots General Manager - Central & Eastern Europe, Russia & CIS

Patrizio pelliccione

Associate Professor at DISIM, University of L’Aquila/University of Gothenburg

Jan bizik

Vodafone Foundation

Arthur de liedekerke

External Affair Officer, CERT-EU

Luboš Kreč

Hospodářské noviny

Bob kartous

Head of Communications and Analyst at EduIn

Daniel spichtinger

job henning

Partner, Auxano Strategies

Taraka Ramji Moturu
Researcher at CEITEC MU 

Andor david

Director, International Visegrad Fund

olga stepankova

N100 PARTNERS 2019

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