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Plenary Session - only the highest-level speakers/keynotes will be invited to participate as panellists. As peer-centered debates, they will have limited or zero Q and A, VIP speakers and discussants. Each speaker will also represent a working group which occurred prior to the plenary during the “Expert Group” component of N100. Keynote representatives from the working groups will each present the results or findings of their Expert Group and then collectively discuss them. Aside from the keynote speeches, plenaries constitute the most high-level events at N100.


Keynote - a distinguished discussion-starter of the N100 Symposium, Keynotes will host individual top-tier speakers who are renowned experts in their field and can contribute immensely to the flow of free ideas throughout the event. Their spirit seeks to drive and provoke thoughtful debates with all participants in attendance inside our largest speaking space, while raising the standard of discussion with quality topics fueled by their passion to add to the ethos of the N100 Symposium. Keynote speakers will continue to take part throughout the event through plenary sessions, Working Lunches and Closed Expert Meetings.


Panel - three to four classic parallel panels with Q and A dimensions that will be open to all participants and hosted by Programme Partners, who will represent the subject matter along with the chosen high-level speakers. These panels intend to kick-start conversation, which will serve to drive high-quality discussions during breakout sessions held amongst all attendees. Large panels will function within bigger spaces meant to accommodate up to 200 attendees, while focus panels can have up to 70 attendees in a more personal setting.


Breakout Session - these serve to be personal, peer-driven discussions in a setting meant to accelerate discourse and reach conclusions. Engagement amongst all participants is fundamental, and discussion is enhanced through taking place in a more focused setting without a highlighted stage, or needed access to a microphone in order to voice an idea. These sessions can also serve as a continuation of proposed topics from panels, giving an opportunity to share different perspectives and progresively reform the topics previously discussed amongst all participants. Large Breakout Sessions serve a comprehensive group of participants up to 70, while Focus Breakout Sessions function more so on a workshop level with a capacity of up to 30.


Closed Expert Group - closed interdisciplinary meetings focused on particular issue areas. The Agenda and focus will be set by the partner and delegates, who will “meet” online in early September to further prepare the agenda and the focus areas. These working groups will delve into the predetermined agenda in a proactive fashion and have the goal of establishing direct observations, recommendations and plans amongst the present institution representatives and executives.

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