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16 & 17 May
VKU forum

Invalidenstraße 91 10115 Berlin

The Next 100 Symposium, a conference bringing together leaders and experts across various disciplines, has served as a platform for fostering open discussion on global challenges since its inception. The inaugural Next 100 Symposium in the fall of 2018 commemorated the centenary of the First World War's end. Inspired by a spirit of rebuilding trust and stability from the ruins of post-war Europe, we sought to shift from crisis-driven language, exploring how science, technology, and open, cross-disciplinary dialogue could transcend the darkening global horizons. The past six years did not offer much optimism in this regard. The COVID-19 pandemic acted as a global accelerator, exacerbating underlying social, economic, and political issues, while also introducing many new ones. True to the original ethos of the Next 100, we reject the notion of deepening disorder, mistrust, and polarization as the "new normal." The 2024 Berlin edition aims to identify realistic, actionable paths forward, particularly in the context of the upcoming European parliamentary elections and the upcoming European Commission.

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GARI is pioneering the organic interconnection of leading-edge computing technologies and socio-economic and political analysis. Our signature digital twin of the globalised world allows unprecedented understanding and foresight of global and local processes of economy, trade, politics, defence, society, energy, environment and much more.

Our mission is to empower and improve through technologically advanced research.


Edward Wilson-Smythe, AlixPartners

Jim Balsillie, former CEO of RIM - Blackberry, founder CIGI & BSIA


Theresa Kushner, Head of NTT Data, Datavangelist


Frederick Bordy, former Director of Technology, CERN


Claudia May Del Pozo, Executive Director of C Minds' Eon Resilience Lab


Nestor Maslej, Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI)


Peter Bauer, Director, Destination Earth, ECMWF

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