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SPEAKERS' INFORMATION: Program, logistics, etc

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Venue: VKU Forum

VKU Forum, Invalidenstraße 91, 10115 Berlin, Germany

The event venue is a 20-minute ride with public transportation through Berlin's Tiergarten. We want to provide our "young professionals" delegates - ReDefine Next 100 delegates - the chance to chat with our speakers, so they will be in the lobby of the Hotel Berlin between 8:00 and 8:45 and if you're up for company, will accompany you to the N100 venue.

ON YOUR OWN - PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION INSTRUCTIONS Public Transport via Ludoplatz bus 187 in front of hotel, transfer to Tram M10 at Alt-Moabit, Ride M10 until Invalidenpark which is right in front of the VKU Forum. Transport time: 20-25 minutes.

PROGRAM: Format and Instructions


Stage Panels (2-4 people)

Stage panels at the Next 100 Symposium are dynamic, 30-minute sessions designed to dive directly into insights, perspectives, and expertise. We aim to be informative, showcasing diverse approaches and viewpoints to highlight the interdisciplinarity of each topic or challenge. Please begin immediately with your insights, avoiding general introductions or obvious statements, as further details can be explored during the roundtables.

We typically do not use moderators for these sessions, as our speakers are adept at guiding the discussion themselves. This approach ensures efficient use of time and fosters unfiltered dialogue. Michal Koran will be present in many panels to provide support and direction in an unofficial capacity. Our format is designed to capture the essence of each discussion within 30 minutes, with any extended dialogues continuing in the breakout sessions.

Spotlights (keynotes)

There will be a podium stand with an attached microphone. If you have any slides for your spotlight, please ensure they are either compatible with mac, on an online platform from which they can be directly presented (like Canva) or that you connect your computer in time to the second projector (assistance from Ben, our technical team member) or that you send it ahead of time. If it is a PDF, that is easiest. You are absolutely not obliged to have a presentation and perhaps you'd prefer just a few graphics to demonstrate your points (please send as PDF to incorporate into the general Symposium slides ahead of time), or perhaps you don't need anything.


Policy Roundtables (Breakouts

For the policy roundtables, we'll split into three groups and move into separate rooms. This segment offers more time to dive deeper into the nuances of the issues, whether broad or specific. If you plan to use a presentation during this part, please inform us if you haven't done so already. Keep presentations concise to ensure there's ample opportunity for all speakers and participants to engage, provide input, and ask questions. Each breakout session will be moderated 

It is up to each breakout whether they want to apply Chatham House Rules - as long as you establish that at the beginning - the breakouts are not recorded.

Next 100 Dinner: "The Philosopher's Drink"

At the Hotel Berlin (very un-thematically named) "Multifunction room"

Delicious buffet, no dress code, no formal discussion, just an enjoyable evening where we invite you to explore what philosophy we may be living through today - what it has meant in the past and what we can envision in the future. 

An Evening of Scientific Revelry and Philosophical Reflection,  This evening celebrates the significant role that drinking and dining have played in shaping the history of science, inventions, and intellectual growth. From ancient Egyptian banquets and Greek symposia to 17th-century London's coffee houses and spirited tea society meetings, this evening is set to be both stimulating and relaxed. Honour the past, enjoy the present, and envision a future brimming with new discoveries. Together, let us embark on a journey through time, exploring the muse of science and philosophy.

HBB_Multi Klub Raum_01 (1).jpg

Click image to enlarge photo with Dinner location

atrium bar hotel berlin.jpeg

Pre-N100 informal drinks - 15th May 19:00

Informal and unofficial drinks with arrived speakers at the Hotel Berlin Atrium bar (optional)

Should you want to chat with us or other speakers who have already arrived, meet us in the Atrium bar of the Hotel Berlin - Radisson Individuals for a drink the night before the first day of the Next 100 Symposium

We'll be on the comfy chairs, just beyond this library section probably :)

Download N100 logo etc

Right-click on the image and "save image as"
NEXT 100 LOGOpng-150pxl_edited.png

By participating you give your permission to be photographed and recorded.

Odessa portrait march 24.png

Odessa Primus

Director of the Global Arena Research Institute | Director of the Next 100 Symposium

+420 776 331 657

lauren mercier.png

Lauren Mercier
Operations, Next 100 Symposium
+420 737 476 605


Michal Koran
Founder of GARI - the Global Arena Research Institute | N100 program design
+420 777 255 719

ben polasek.jpeg

Ben Polasek

Technical operator/assistance N100

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