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Taming the Black Swan
Managing Global Socio-Economic Complexity

21-23 September 2022 | Center for International Governance Innovation | Waterloo, Canada


Next 100 Symposium​

2 days of spotlight speakers & presentations, panels and roundtable discussions. Experts, decision-makers, and influential people from all related fields coming together to discuss the next 30 years - what will happen, what we want to happen, how do we get there?

On the following page, you will be able to register to attend the N100 in person (in Waterloo, Canada) or register as a virtual attendee:

3rd day closed meetings​

Opportunity to discuss the outcomes of the symposium in relation to current/future/potential joint projects/research. Partners and key speakers are invited to join in these informal and project/research-driven discussions and planning. Collaborative research and projects may come out of these meetings

This part of the program is by invitation only for partners and speakers of the N100. If you or your institution/project want to take part, please inquire by emailing odessa(at)

Further Involvement

Would you like to chat about further involvement in the 2022 Symposium? write to us at odessa(at)

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