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ReDefine application form




  • Open Theme Application: You can be from anywhere, and your project can be applied anywhere (specific or not)

  • Visegrad Scholarship Application: If you have a genuine connection to the Visegrad area (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and /or Hungary - nationality or residence or focus on the region.


  • If you are applying and selected for the Visegrad Scholarship, your program fee, travel and accommodation is fully funded

  • If you are applying for the Open Theme Application and are selected, you will pay a program fee of €650 or €350 without accommodation (own accommodation arrangement or Berlin-based already)


The program fee covers: Virtual mentorship, workshops and project assistance. Accommodation in Berlin from the 12th to the 18th of May 2024, local travel card, in-person workshops and lunches on the 13th and 14th of May, ReDefine Dinner and other potential official events, Next 100 Symposium attendance and catering, Next 100 Dinner.


For Visegrad Scholarships, see program fee details in the Visegrad Guige above.

The Program fee does not include: travel to and from Berlin, personal costs outside the program components (food, drinks, pocket money)

Inquiries about applications (please check Guides first):

open theme application guide

visegrad scholarship application guide

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