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invitation to join the n100 symposium

as a speaker, shaper & content creator

It is our distinguished pleasure to invite you

as a key speaker to the Next 100 Symposium 2021.

This will be the third edition of the unique event that brings together the realms of technology and the social sciences in 7 overarching Next 100 Areas:

  1. Next 100 economy

  2. next 100 technology

  3. next 100 politics

  4. next 100 science & innovation

  5. next 100 defence & security

  6. next 100 society

  7. next 100 environment & energy

The symposium will take place in Prague, the Czech Republic on the 19th and 20th of May 2020. 

N100 is the flagship Autumn working meeting of the Global Arena Research Institute bringing together subject interdisciplinarity as well as original useful content. We do not repeat the information and classic arguments heard at all discussions, we provide an environment to create new and applicable information and debate. A working dialogue about how to translate crisis-driven language into future-oriented ideas on a global scale and a vision of the next one hundred years.

Previous notable speakers:

  • Jim Balsillie, co-founder and frm. CEO of Research in Motion, developer of the BlackBerry)

  • Tim Palmer, Research Professor, The Royal Society

  • Jeffrey Sachs, Economist, Columbia Earth Institute

  • Martina Dlabajova, Member of the European Parliament, ALDE

  • Tomáš Petříček, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Czech Republic

  • Frederick Bordry, Director of Acceleration & Technology, CERN

  • Robert-Jan Smits, President, Eindhoven University, Former Director-General of Research & Innovation, European Commission

  • Thomas Roca, Data Strategist, Microsoft & LinkedIn

  • Jiri Sedivy, European Defence Agency Chief Executive, Former Assistant Secretary-General of NATO, Former Czech Minister of Defense

  • Patrick van der Smagt, Director of Artificial Intelligence Research, Volkswagen Group

  • Jan Havranek, Private Office of the NATO Secretary-General

  • Michal Pechoucek, CTO, Avast


It would be an honour to welcome you to the GARI and N100 network to shape the agenda, outcomes and vision of the Next 100. We do not just invite speakers to deliver an intervention to an audience, we invite creators to create the programme and stir the discussion at the Symposium with other speakers, participants and stakeholders from many sectors. Outcomes from the N100 as well as thorough research pre and post-event are compiled into useful outlets such as the Next 100 Living Report, GARI research publications, social media informative spotlights and more. We continue working with the material and insights our speakers provide throughout the year in mapping the global environment.

We fully appreciate the value of your time. The Next 100 Symposium truly becomes a transformative and pivotal global working meeting. If you have any questions about the programme or anything else, please don’t hesitate to write or call.


Michal Koran
Founder & President of the Board 

Odessa Primus

Executive Director



IAB meeting 2019.jpg

the Next 100 Symposium 2021

DATE may 19 - 20 2021

city prague

venue dox - center for contemporary art

programme 19th & 20th full days of n100 programme | n100 pub dinner on the 19th

drafting programme September '20

programme meeting with speakers November '20

n100 pubic meeting February '21

next 100 symposium may '21

speaker engagement

we appreciate a level of speaker engagemnt prior to the event in may to thoroughly prepare a useful programme that will be informative and insightful for both the participants as well as other speakers which is why we involve our speakers in the design of the content and invite you to public meetings and smaller events  leading up to the big one.




Chess Game






Traditional Library



Engineering Plans


science & innovation

Cloudy Day


environment & energy

Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior


defence & security


the CONCEPT 2021

2018 marked 100 years since the end of the First World War. In the aftermath of this human tragedy, the foundations for a multilateral global order were laid out. the parameters of this global order are losing relevance under the very condition that they helped create: a world of nearly limitless flows and interactions. 100 years later there was and is a need to design new international and interdisciplinary systems in our transformative global arena.

2019 markED 30 years of the democratic transitions in Europe. How shall we revive the future-oriented spirit that framed the exciting weeks and months of 1989-90, knowing the current concerns of sustainability, environment, globalisation, societal changes, digital and technological transformations? How do we connect with and curate the future with innovation, and how do we integrate and utilize new opportunities? GARI, for one, is using high tech methods for creating a revolutionary 'digital twin' of the globalised world.

2021 2020 is a time of unplanned change and adjustment to a common, yet uncharacterised enemy. Being able to react and adapt to anything means knowing as many variables and indicators as possible that transform conditions and opportunities. what opportunities are there? and how to seize them? the next 100 symposium provides a unique interdisciplinary platform bringing together experts and shapers of the global environment able to understand and create the elements determining whether we persevere, prosper or stay behind.


Hans Pung.jpg

hans pung

rand europe


frederick bordry.jpg

frederick bordry


director of technology & acceleration

anna kuchenbecker

Former Deputy Director Aspen Berlin, Director of partnerships at ECFR, Germany

Robert Jan Smits.jpg

robert-jan smits

President, Eindhoven University, Principle architect Horizon 2020 & ERC, Frm DG of Research & Innovation, EU


jiri sedivy

Director, European Defense Agency, frm. Czech Ambassador to NATO, frm. Assistant Sec-Gen of NATO, frm. Minister of Defence, CZ

Tony Curzon Price.jpg

tony curzon price, UK

vladimir marik.jpeg

vladimir marik

Director, Research, Czech institute of cybernetics, informatics & robotics (CIIRC)


jana kovacovska

Blesk Ventures, London, Consultant

shmuel ba.jpg

shmuel bar

CEO & Founder, IntuView, Israel

petr kolar.jpeg

petr kolar

Senior Advisor, Squire Patton Boggs, Former Czech Ambassador to USA & Russia


jan lukacevic

Research Assistant at the Department of Space Physics, New Europe 100 Challenger

Karel Janeček.png

karel janecek

Founder of the Janecek Method, Democracy/human 21, president 21, NEURON, anti-corruption center, RSJ INvestment

jan ruzicka

Professor ar Aberystwyth University, Department of International Politics

Job Henning head shot.jpg

job henning

Managing Director, Auxano Strategies

josef urban

Principle Researcher, Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC)

rasto kacer.jpeg

ratislav kacer

President of GLOBSEC Board, Slovakia


jan havranek

Private Office of the NATO Secretary-General

Barbora Buhnova.png

bara buhnova

Associate Professor, Masaryk University, Co-founder, Czechitas


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