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ReDefine initial application form



  1. FIRST stage - Initial application form (see right): 29th February

  2. SECOND stage - RD Directory profile: 7th March

  3. THIRD stage - Final team and project submission: 15th March



Open Theme Application Guide

Visegrad Scholarship Guide

Are you applying for:

  • Open Theme Application: You can be from anywhere, and your project can be applied anywhere (specific or not)

  • Visegrad Scholarship Application: if you have a genuine connection to the Visegrad area (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and /or Hungary) OR wish to do/be part of a project that directly relates to the Visegrad region. Please see the Visegrad application guidelines if you are applying for this: GUIDE



Name & Surname: if you have a middle name, don't include it.

Place of residence: please indicate where you live and work or study - where you'd be travelling from to Berlin in May 2024

Current main occupation: 

  • If you are a student, put the university name and course/degree you are studying, including level (e.g. King's College London, BA International Relations)

  • If you are currently employed please put the name of the institution and your position/role/title

  • If you are an intern, volunteering, or anything else please provide the relevant information (institution, position, etc)

Challenge: please indicate the challenge you wish to address, if there are more challenges, please indicate no more than 3, however the fewer challenges (ideally 1), the more we understand you are dedicated to the challenge you select. The rest of the questions ask to relate to only 1 challenge so relate it to the project you are proposing (which will have only 1 challenge at its core even if it connects multiple challenges). See all ReDefine 2024 challenges here.

Why should you be chosen to be a 2024 ReDefiner? Make sure you explain

  • why you are a preferred candidate to others

  • what you will bring to this program (expertise, experience, knowledge, skills)

  • What is your connection to the challenge you are applying for

  • DO NOT describe how this program will benefit you, we are interested in how you will be an asset to the program and projects.


I wish to be a...:

  • Project Leader: If you want to lead a project and have a project idea, please indicate "Project Leader"

  • Project Team Member: If you wish to be a team member on a project where you are not the leader (are not required to submit your own project idea and will not be the central contact person for the project if selected), please select "Project Team Member"


If you select "Project Leader" you are required to submit a project idea - it must be within the ReDefine challenge you selected.

If you'd like to apply as a Project Leader but would also consider being a Team Member if your project doesn't have the required team members, does not meet criteria or does not get selected, please indicate being both a Leader and Team Member in the next application stage when creating your profile in the Directory.

If you selected "Team Member", you will not be asked to submit a project and the next section will not appear.

Preliminary project idea: Note that this is the very initial stage of the application process and we will not be evaluating your project or project idea - you will provide details about the project/project idea at the next stage of the application process (in the ReDefine Directory) and it will only be evaluated if submitted (in full compliance with criteria and with a minimum team) at the last (third) state of the application process. We do not take the following information about your project/project idea into consideration at this stage, therefore we urge you to submit this form ASAP in order to find Team Members or Leaders.

Focus on your solution when answering questions - we are not asking for a general overview of the state of affairs of the subject matter/challenge or your view, we are looking for answers relating directly to your proposed approach, solution, project.

ReDefine Next 100 program fee:

  • If you are a project leader and your project (fulfilling criteria) is selected to become part of the program, you must pay the program fee of €650. If you do not require accommodation, perhaps you already live in Berlin, or wish to arrange your own). 

  • If you are a Team Member (and do not lead a project) you do not have to pay this fee, however, you will not be attending the Next 100 week in Berlin and the Next 100 Symposium - if you wish to attend as a Team Member, you must pay the program fee.

  • If you are a national, or resident or have strong connections to the Visegrad region (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary) please select to apply as a Visegrad Scholarship applicant.


The program fee covers: Virtual mentorship, workshops and project assistance. Accommodation in Berlin from the 12th to the 18th of May 2024, local travel card, in-person workshops and lunches on the 13th and 14th of May, ReDefine Dinner and other potential official events, Next 100 Symposium attendance and catering, Next 100 Dinner.


For Visegrad Scholarships, see program fee details here: GUIDE

The Program fee does not include: travel to and from Berlin, personal costs outside the program components (food, drinks, pocket money)

Inquiries about applications (please check Guides first):

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