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Our joint task is to pave the way for a working dialogue about how to translate the crisis-driven language into future-oriented ideas on a global scale and a vision of the next one hundred years.


The point and unique aspect of the event is to bring together stakeholders from diverse disciplines (technology, politics, society, science, energy, defence, philosophy etc) and talk about the opportunities of the future and how to reach them by coming together diversely. The concept of the new N100 series is several smaller Next 100 meetings in cities where our International Advisory Board members reside and focus the meeting on a wide topic within one discipline and invite other speakers (from all the other disciplines) to reflect on that topic from their point of view.

The underlying themes

(all sessions will implicitly work with these, because these emerged as the most prominent from the past N100s):

1.  The case for digital (scientific) multilateralism

2. The divide: the tech-positives/tech-haves/tech-beneficiaries and the others

3. Keeping the human in the loop: the case for human responsible AI/tech development

gari's international advisory board

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the CONCEPT 2021

2018 marked 100 years since the end of the First World War. In the aftermath of this human tragedy, the foundations for a multilateral global order were laid out. the parameters of this global order are losing relevance under the very condition that they helped create: a world of nearly limitless flows and interactions. 100 years later there was and is a need to design new international and interdisciplinary systems in our transformative global arena.

2019 markED 30 years of the democratic transitions in Europe. How shall we revive the future-oriented spirit that framed the exciting weeks and months of 1989-90, knowing the current concerns of sustainability, environment, globalisation, societal changes, digital and technological transformations? How do we connect with and curate the future with innovation, and how do we integrate and utilize new opportunities? GARI, for one, is using high tech methods for creating a revolutionary 'digital twin' of the globalised world.

2021 2020 is a time of unplanned change and adjustment to a common, yet uncharacterised enemy. Being able to react and adapt to anything means knowing as many variables and indicators as possible that transform conditions and opportunities. what opportunities are there? and how to seize them? the next 100 symposium provides a unique interdisciplinary platform bringing together experts and shapers of the global environment able to understand and create the elements determining whether we persevere, prosper or stay behind.

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